Retinopathy may be risk factor for cerebrovascular disease

In women aged 65 years and older, retinopathy is a marker for cerebrovascular disease that manifests as deficits in global cognition, a recent study found.

Key Point: Retinopathy as a marker of small vessel disease is a risk factor for cerebrovascular disease in women aged 65 years and older. Proactive diagnosis of retinopathy may be a useful clinical tool if it can be shown to be an early marker related to neurologic outcomes.

Little current data exist regarding the prevalence of cerebrovascular disease in India in women or in the overall population. Some reports have estimated the incidence to be 13 to 33 per 100,000 population annually (reported at the International Joint Conference on Stroke and Cerebral Circulation, Bombay, India, 1994). While the prevalence may be lower than in Western countries, the sheer numbers still are a public health concern given the population density in India.

In the recently reported U.S. Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study and the Women’s Health Initiative Sight Exam Study, 511 women aged 65 years and older (average age: 69 years) underwent...

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