Portable monitoring and feedback device for lower limb performance training

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SmartStepAn important part of therapy for neurological disorder patients is physical therapy to improve motor function and mobility. Neurological disorder patients often suffer from certain physical disabilities, such as paralysis, muscle weakness, spasticity, pain, and difficulty walking or standing. Andante Medical Devices, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets a system for lower-limb therapy that provides immediate feedback for doctors and patients, and whose mobility and at-home monitoring shows promise as an effective therapy device for doctors of neurological disorder patients in India. The device is recommended for patients suffering or recovering from orthopedic surgery, neurological impairments or disabilities, and injuries.

Key Point: An important goal in neurological disorder patients is improving motor functionality and mobility. Patients with impaired lower-limb function may benefit from using Andante’s SmartStep™ system, which provides functional biofeedback and monitoring using a device that is convenient, portable, and user-friendly. Doctors and patients in India can benefit from the convenient, interactive, and portable therapy system.

SmartStep and iSmartStep by Andante

The SmartStep™ system is a biofeedback and monitoring system that measures the force exerted by the heel and forefoot during standing, walking, and other movements. The patient’s data is collected by a transmitter device worn...

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