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Mumbai, 19th November, 2015: Lifespan-world’s largest chain of Diabetes & Cardiometabolic clinics assessed the nationwide awareness of diabetes using the Diabetes Knowledge Index to map the myths and misconceptions which people have about diabetes.

Only 21% Indians have a good Diabetes Knowledge Index.

The study was conducted among Indians in 11 cities, and the data was compared with cumulative data from 13697 patients who visited Lifespan and took Lifespan’s R.I.S.C.TM(TM-OXI) test.7822

This unique Diabetes Myths & Truths study conducted by the Lifespan – showed that while 78% of diabetics in the country have higher cardiometabolic scores (used to predict heart disease risk), 1 in 3 Indians are ignorant about the fact that diabetes could lead to heart disease.Further the study showed that while 69% diabeticshave higher risk of autonomic nervous system dysfunction, 40% are unaware that the disease can cause numbness in their hands, fingers and feet which can progress to neuropathy.

With regards to diet and control of diabetes, the results fell in similar pattern of ignorance and faulty practices. The study showed that 27% of diabetics use honey/jiggery/fruit juices with 44% found believing these are actually good for people suffering from diabetes. While it is well established that bitter gourd (karela) and fenugreek (methi) cannot treat diabetes, 53% believe eating them can cure them of diabetes; 29% were found to be taking these alone to deal with diabetes before visiting Lifespan.With respect to diet and lifestyle modification, 53% are ignorant about the fact that losing 5 to 10% of their weight can help control blood sugar levels. On the contrary, 42% believe that avoiding sugar is enough to control diabetes.

The exhaustive D-MYTH study elicited some deep insights on people’s perceptions about diabetes as a disease, their understanding of the treatment options and management, and its morbidities. Some key findings of the study:

  • 38% Indians have no idea that diabetes is a disease of the Pancreas
  • 41% diabetics had a family history of diabetes, 45% had no idea that their children have higher chance of getting diabetes and a significant 36% of them believed diabetes skips a generation
  • While 24% diabetics are below the age of 40, a whopping 60% believe diabetes occurs in old age.
  • 32% Indians do not take border-line diabetes seriously.
  • 40% are unable to identify dizziness and sweating as signs of low sugar.
  • 1 in 3 ignorant about signs and symptoms of high blood sugars.

From the nationally representative data 54% were diabetic and 46% non-diabetics .The study brings out the Diabetes knowledge Index of the Indians which shows that only 21% have good knowledge, whereas 63% have moderate and 16% have poor diabetes knowledge index.

Between diabetics and non-diabetics, the diabetics have a scored better on the Diabetes Knowledge index which assess people’s view regarding knowledge of people about causes, symptoms and complications of Diabetes complications.

The results probe insights to take primitive steps towards management of such a chronic disease. Diabetes is not a disease limited to classes but extends to the masses, hence it’s important for the policy makers to design more programmes and invest in resources to spread diabetes education as it will limit the morbidity and mortality rate as well as help to extend the life of health.

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