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Courses: Management of Infertility in Rural Areas


Welcome to the SEESHA / KARUNYA UNIVERSITY online course on Management of Infertility in Rural Areas. We would like to begin with sincerely thanking two organizations that are helping us.

  1. mdCurrent-India: They are sponsoring and hosting the online course. We thank them for having a separate page for the rural surgery articles at http://mdcurrent.in/camps-and-rural-healthcare/ and publishing many of our articles.
  2. LapGuru: LapGuru is an organization that transmits live surgery for those who would like to learn laparoscopic surgeries. You can register with LapGuru at lapguru.com and watch the gasless laparoscopy andhttp://mdcurrent.in/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page other surgeries there. Free registration should suffice for watching the gasless laparoscopic surgeries there.


  1. Enroll in this course by clicking the button above the course list (you must be logged in to mdCurrent-India to enroll)
  2. For each lesson, read the materials and PowerPoint
  3. Go through the materials suggested for further reading
  4. Write your comments and discussion in the mdCurrent web site below the article or notes, so that everyone can benefit
  5. You could watch either live or recorded surgeries in LapGuru when you have time. They are usually un-edited recordings. However, we are trying to add voice to the recording.
  6. Copy the questions for each lesson to a Word or Excel file, answer them, and send them as an attachment to the following e-mail: drsunithababurao@gmail.com
  7. Once you finish all the lessons, you could either choose to stop, or opt for hands-on training during the SEESHA/SSI/BHRC surgical camps in Northeast India - Bethesda Hospital and Research center Aizawl Mizoram. You can telephone Dr. Linda Sailo at 09612865912 or Mr. Humaka at 08974541825 or Dr. Sunitha 09840717025 to find out more about the surgical camps. They would be able to let you know about the costs involved and the places for sightseeing nearby. You need to be present for two or three days prior to the surgical camp so that you can have some practical discussions and learn ultrasound from Dr. Linda in Mizoram.
  8. If you would like a Karunya University certificate, you could telephone Dr. Sunitha at 09840717025 to find out more details. You need to have a minimum of two hands-on training programs before being eligible for the certificate.
  9. If you are in South India, you are welcome to the SEESHA Karunya Community Hospital for the contact program.
  10. Overseas doctors can plan along with conferences of the Association of Rural Surgeons of India (ARSI) or other training programs (for regular laparoscopic surgeries at CeMAST http://www.cemast.org/)
  11. For equipment related questions please contact Mr. Stanley at 09363121030 or staan3@hotmail.com, or contact EndoGyn at EndoGyn@me.com

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