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Practice Management: A successful healthcare facility or clinic must not only take care of patients. It must also be adept at handling the typical administrative tasks that are required in any other business, such as financial planning, human resources, staffing concerns, insurance, and more. Find the latest advice and articles concerning the business side of medicine.

Financial planning for doctors: Start early to ensure a successful future

The correlation between a high-income occupation and net worth is not inherently a positive one. When I think about this truism, I am reminded of medical practice, one of the noblest professions in the world. The concepts of finance and accounting are alien for many doctors, since you of course… 

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Navigating your financial future: Advice for doctors

When most people think of a successful careerist, including medical professionals, they think of someone who can afford a lavish lifestyle and its entrapments—a home in a gated high-rise community, a swanky car or two, and the best educational institutions for their children. If these successful careerists are queried on… 

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Why every doctor in India needs a Web site

Just like you need a telephone line to practice medicine, a Web site has become an integral part of modern medical practice today. Doctors need patients—and in order to get patients, you need to go to where they are. Today, many patients are online—and their numbers are increasing every day…. 

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