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Visual impairment in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh

Sound epidemiological data is essential for developing strategies for blindness prevention. The last one and half decades have witnessed the emergence of rapid assessment surveys in eye care as a cornerstone for the planning and monitoring of eye care services in developing countries.

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Retinopathy may be risk factor for cerebrovascular disease

In women aged 65 years and older, retinopathy is a marker for cerebrovascular disease that manifests as deficits in global cognition, a recent study found. Key Point: Retinopathy as a marker of small vessel disease is a risk factor for cerebrovascular disease in women aged 65 years and older. Proactive… 

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Daily aspirin use ups the risk of wet aging macula disorder

Frequent aspirin use may promote wet aging macula disorder (AMD), which is also referred to as age-related macular degeneration, according to results from a population-based study in 7 European countries. The effect of aspirin use on AMD prevalence is controversial, as studies of the association between aspirin use and AMD… 

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