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Expression of Heat Shock Protein 70 Gene and Its Correlation with Inflammatory Markers in Essential Hypertension

Hypertension is characterized by systemic high blood pressure and is the most common and important risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases. In India, the prevalence of adult hypertension has risen dramatically over…

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Genotypic, Phenotypic and Clinical Validation of GeneXpert in Extra-Pulmonary and Pulmonary Tuberculosis in India

In the absence of an efficient diagnostic modality for Tuberculosis, the search for a tool that can overcome the dilemmas of the available diagnostic tests continues. In…

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Disparities in Prevalence of Cardiometablic Risk Factors in Rural, Urban-Poor, and Urban-Middle Class Women in India

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading causes of morbidity and premature mortality worldwide. By the year 2025, more than 80% of the global diabetes and CVD burden shall be in low and middle income countries with the…

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Triple Burden of Obesity, Undernutrition, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk among Indian Tribes

Indian tribal populations are experiencing phenomenal changes on the social, cultural, and economic fronts, for the past 50 years [1]. Like all developing countries, large-scale developmental activities and urbanization in India have brought…

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Implications of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Using the WHO/ISH Risk Prediction Charts in Rural India

The prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is increasing in the developing world. The Indian subcontinent accounts for the highest rates of CVD globally. Although many algorithms for CVD risk assessment have been…

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Is the Association between Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Confounded by Obesity?

Systematic reviews of observational studies have reported inverse associations between serum vitamin D levels and a range of cardiovascular disease risk factors, most notably hypertension, but also dyslipidaemia, abnormal glucose homeostasis and…

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Salt Reduction Initiative – Cost-Effective Intervention for Hypertension

Abstract Hypertension is a serious risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, stroke and kidney failure. To prevent hypertension, one modifiable factor is the intake of a salt-rich diet. In some communities, traditional foods have a large amount of salt in the form of pickles, chutneys, yoghurt, buttermilk with salt, etc. But… 

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