Quick Case: Isolated Hepatic Amyloidosis in a Young Male

A 45-year-old male presented with loss of appetite and weight loss for last 6 months. He gradually developed jaundice (bilirubin 8.6 mg%; 90% unconjugated) and heaviness in right hypochondrial region. Ultrasound revealed isolated huge hepatomegaly. Hemogram was normal. Renal function tests were within normal limits. Core biopsies from the liver revealed compression and replacement of normal hepatocytes by pale pink extracellular material, sinusoidal in distribution. Biliary profiles were intact but separated far from each other. No significant inflammation noted. The congophilic material was identified as amyloid. This is a very unusual case occurring in a young male.

Learning Points/Take Home Messages

Uniform huge hepatomegaly with altered liver function – could be secondary to amyloidosis.

About The Author

Dr. Samanta, MBBS, MD is currently a consultant at Suraksha diagnostic PVT. LTD. Kolkata, India for histopath, cytopath and hematology. His other interests are: oncopathology, bone marrow and neuropathology.


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