Quick Case: B12 Deficiency


Vitamin B-12 deficiency is more prevalent than thought. We need to be watchful.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is widely prevalent now a days. It is prevalent across gender and age. Vitamin B12 deficiency is more prevalent in vegetarians. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes weakness, easy fatigability, tingling in limbs, at times impaired memory, and behavioral changes.

Case Report

A young male patient aged 28 years presented with progressively increasing dyspnoea on exertion.


Patient was very pale, respiratory rate increased blood pressure normal. Patient was obese.


I advised some investigations based on suspicion:
The result: HB 4.5, rbs-146, Iron-230, B12: 99
ESR 45 and 95

Having some doubts due to high ESR, patient was sent to hematologist for opinion. Hematologist also asked for some tests to confirm:
Hb 4.7,>tc 4500,>plt 106000,>RDW-Cv 26,>Retic count: 0.2
S.crea:0.78,>sgpt 102,>S.LDH 17030
Ferritin: 551, TSH 3.8

Management and Follow-Up

The patient was primarily diagnosed as B12 deficiency with option of bone marrow examination if not improved. Patient was treated with Injection B12 and improved immediately.


New reports are not done yet, but patient has improved a lot symptomatically, and his hemoglobin level also came back to normal.

About The Author

Dr. Vachharajani is an experienced practicing family physician in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with a special interest in obesity and lifestyle-related disorders. With a genuine passion and enthusiasm for healthcare information technology (HIT), he has championed the cause of using HIT in day-to-day clinical practice. In addition to his, MBBS, he holds a post-graduate certificate in environmental and occupational health (PGDMCH).

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