Case Study: Stapler surgery for hemorrhoids or piles


Surgery for hemorrhoids or piles will leave a wound at each of the removed pile areas. This usually takes a few weeks to heal, thereby causing pain, bleeding and discomfort for the patient. With the advancement in technologies, stapler surgery for hemorrhoids or piles has been a boon for the aggressive grade-3 or 4 prolapsing piles. We describe a short case of a 45-year-old male with grade-3 hemorrhoids with his treatment and outcome after stapler surgery for piles.


Piles or hemorrhoids are a common disease, which is unique to mankind owing to our erect postures. Normally any problem around the anus is called “piles” or “hemorrhoids” by a lay person. There are 4 stages of internal hemorrhoids. The first & second stage piles can be treated without surgery by sclerotherapy, suction band ligation, and IRC (infra-red coagulation). The advanced grade 3 and 4 piles or hemorrhoids need surgery, which can be open or closed hemorrhoidectomy, laser excision, BUSH (bloodless ultrasonic scalpel surgery for hemorrhoids) and stapler surgery. The stapler surgery has proven and promising results and is therefore now...

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