Case Study: Faucial Diphtheria Complicated with Myocarditis and Cardiac Failure

By Dr. Swapan Samanta and Dr. Malay Acharyya


Due to universal immunization, cases of diphtheria are rare now-a-days. Recently a 12-year-old male with incomplete vaccination history presented with a fever, sore throat and “bull-neck.” Investigations confirmed the diagnosis of palatal diphtheria with features of heart failure. Intensive medical therapy saved his life after a one-month struggle!


Now-a-days, cases of diphtheria are rare, thanks to immunization programs. Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals may contract the disease, and in certain cases, the picture might be complicated, leading to a difficult clinical situation. Due to cardiac involvement, the patient might suffer from heart failure. Such a case of a 12-year-old male is discussed here.

Case Presentation

at presentation-samantaA 12-year-old Muslim male complained of low-grade fever and gradually progressive sore throat, along with dysphagia and gradually increasing swelling in the neck, leading to “bull-neck” formation for the last 10 days. ...

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