Case Study: Brightening Smiles with Laser

By: Dr. Sunitha Gadudasu and Dr. J. Gnanaraj


Everyone loves a smile with milk white teeth. Unfortunately our teeth do get stained and a variety of commercial agents are available for teeth whitening as it is a sought after cosmetic activity. The whitening procedures could be carried out by mechanically activated/ chemically activated /light activated/laser activated devices.

Commercially available toothpastes help with mechanical removal of the stains. The use of gels that are applied and activated either chemically or by light is more effective than mechanical devices.

However they are not used regularly as they cause tooth sensitivity and damage. The procedure is also time-consuming sometimes taking as much as one hour. The laser tooth whitening is a simple and safe procedure that takes less than 20 minutes.


  • Less time for procedure
  • Patient comfort
  • Reduces anxiety of patient
  • Can be used for extrinsic and intrinsic types of stains.
  • Less or No sensitivity


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