Case Report: Buccal Lipoma, A Rare Entity

By: Dr. Dheeraj V. Mulchandani and Dr. Manmal Manikchand Begani


Although they are supposed to be one of the most common benign mesenchymal neoplasms [1] presenting as soft tissue swellings encountered in general surgical practice, lipomas occurring in the oral cavity remain relatively rare occurrences with the data suggesting only 15-20% occur in the head and neck region [3]. However, only 1% to 4% occur in the oral cavity [3,4].

Adequate surgical excision in order to prevent recurrence is the treatment of choice [1,5].

This is a case report of a 42-year-old woman who presented with a slow growing left cheek swelling that was treated by intra-oral local excision under local anaesthesia in a day care surgical set up.

Case presentation

A 40 year old fisherwoman presented to our day care surgery with her complaints of a slowly progressive swelling originating over the inside of her left cheek. It was relatively painless with the only mass effect as the presenting complaint.

There was no history of trauma and the swelling was not associated with fever, weight loss or any other otorhinolaryngological symptoms. She was a chronic user of Tobacco powder for cleaning her teeth. Examination revealed a 4 cm by 3 cm non-tender, smooth, mobile, firm mass in the left cheek with no skin changes. There was no bruit over this mass. The intra-oral mucosa over the mass appeared normal. A differential diagnosis of lingual thyroid, buccal soft tissue lipoma and epidermoid cyst was made.

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