Contributing Authors – Diagnostic/Surgical Camps and Rural Healthcare

Contributing Authors - Diagnostic/Surgical Camps and Rural Healthcare

The authors shown below have contributed to articles in the diagnostic/surgical camps and rural healthcare section. They have diverse backgrounds, including surgery, physiotherapy, engineering, and mathematics. If you would like to contribute an article or case of your own, contact us here.

Gnanaraj-64 Dr. J. Gnanaraj is a urologist and laparoscopic surgeon trained at CMC Vellore. He has a special interest in rural surgery and has trained many surgeons in remote rural areas while working in the mission hospitals in rural India. He helped about 17 rural hospitals start minimally invasive surgeries. He has more than 100 publications in national and international journals, most of which are related to modifications necessary for rural surgical practice. He received the Barker Memorial award from the Tropical Doctor for the work regarding surgical camps in rural areas. During the past year, he has been training surgeons in Lift Laparoscopic surgeries.
Mr. Stanly Mr. M. Maria Albert Stanly, B. Tech, is a bio-medical engineer and the main architect behind the production of the New Lift apparatus and the instruments. He owns an engineering firm in Coimbatore. He has traveled extensively to find out means of improving the existing surgical equipment and loves helping the poor.
BARZILAL Mrs. Barzilla, RNRM, collected data at the SEESHA Karunya Community Hospital for a study linking food choices with GI symptoms.
nandamani Dr. Nandamani Chongtham is from northeast India and did his postgraduate study in rural surgery in 2007. He has contributed to an article on treatment of renal stones in remote areas.
Danita Gnanaraj Ms. Danita Gnanaraj did her Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Karunya University. Her experience at several remote and rural mission hospitals motivated her to spend more time with the department in designing low cost equipment for the poor and needy in mission hospitals. She was part of the team that designed the low cost topical vacuum therapy unit and patient monitoring systems. After gaining experience in Capgemini regarding computer software she is currently working with Ms. STAAN at a bio-medical engineering company.
Kevin Gnanaraj Kevin Gnanaraj is an engineering student (University of Saskatchewan) who helped with 3D drawings of instruments for single-incision lift laparoscopic surgery.
ramanada Mr. Ramanada Khaba Henao is a self-trained computer programmer who helped with the programming of the software that helps hospitals with NABH accreditation. Earlier he had taught computer science to school students at Aizawl in Mizoram.
Sungti Jamir Dr. Sungtiakum Jamir, MBBS, DNB (Rural Surgery) is one of the early surgeons to do the rural surgery DNB course in India. He is from Nagaland and worked in mission hospitals after his graduation. He is now settled in Switzerland, married to a gynecologist there, and is actively involved in the Surgical Services Initiative to take modern surgery to the poor and the marginalized.
joisingh passport S. Jebaseelan Joisingh, M.P.T. (Neuro), MIAP is a physiotherapist at the SEESHA Karunya rural community hospital in the Karunya University campus, Coimbatore. The department specializes in treating a variety of sports injuries and has weight reduction programs.
einstein Mr. Einstein Kesi received his MBA in Technology at ENPC (Paris) and currently consults for global product development & market positioning in healthcare. He has experience in marketing, sourcing, vendor management, operations management and quality systems.
Mr. Dilip Kumar Mr. Dilip Kumar is an Assistant Professor at Karunya University, with 2 years experience working in the media department.
SelvaRathi Ms. Selva Rathi is a Associate Professor of Mathematics at the Karunya University who did the statistical analysis for a study linking GI symptoms with the type of food consumed by patients.
Sharon Rebecca-DSC_9581 Sharon Rebecca is an engineering student from Velammal Engineering college in Chennai who helped with CAD drawings for the modified open surgical instruments for single incision laparoscopic surgeries.
Michael Rhodes Dr. Michael Rhodes, MA (Cantab), BMBCh (Oxon), MD FRCS (Eng), was qualified in medicine in 1984, having studied in Cambridge and Oxford. Subsequent surgical training led to a consultant position in 1995 as a laparoscopic and upper-GI surgeon in Norwich, UK. His research interests have been concentrated on laparoscopic surgery and upper GI disease. He was president of the Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland in 2009 and 2011, and a member of The Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee of the UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) from 2007 to 2011. He has taken early retirement to work with colleagues in the setting of mission hospitals in India and Thailand, and he is the International Chairman of the Surgical Services Initiative in NE India.
charles passport H.Charles Richard, M.P.T. (ORTHO), M.I.A.P, is a physiotherapist at the SEESHA Karunya rural community hospital in the Karunya University campus, Coimbatore. The department specializes in treating a variety of sports injuries and has weight reduction programs.

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