Effective patient communication: How to ensure that your patients are really hearing what you are telling them

Effective patient communication is essential to effective patient care. Patients who fully understand their diagnoses and treatment plans are engaged in their own care, which could lead to better clinical outcomes.

Key Point: Clearly communicating with patients is a cornerstone of successful patient care. You can help patients understand what you are saying to them by using handouts, diagrams, and other educational tools. Asking patients to repeat clinical information back to you in their own words is a good way to gauge their comprehension of the points you are seeking to communicate.

On the other hand, every physician is familiar with the blank look that some patients can get when they are too overwhelmed, confused, or upset to understand what you are telling them. Depending on the importance of the message and the severity of the condition, the results can be disastrous for treatment.

Clearly, when patient communication is successful, the experience is better for both you and your patients.

So how can you make sure that you’re being...

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