A blessing in disguise: How you can use patient complaints to your advantage

As hard-working doctors, it’s not always easy to hear complaints from patients. However, if you can change your mind set so that you view complaints as free advice about how to make your medical practice the very best that it can be, both your business and your patients will benefit.

Key Point: Actively encouraging patient feedback, including complaints, can help you and your patients collaborate on possible solutions. This proactive approach can lead to greater patient satisfaction and a more successful business.

Some of the most common patient complaints include:

  • my doctor is not easily accessible
  • I have to wait too long when I come in for an appointment
  • he or she doesn’t give me enough time
  • my doctor doesn’t return my calls (or doesn’t do so as quickly as I would like)
  • he or she does not explain what’s going on to me.

Let me take the idea that complaints can be useful one step farther. I would even recommend that you actively encourage patients to share their feedback—including both constructive complaints and compliments. After all, wouldn’t you rather have...

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