Medical Camps in India Held by Physicians from other Countries: Guest Blogger P. Lal Arora, MD

Do these camps offer value? Experience of a Physician.


I am a practicing physician, an internist and a geriatrician in the State of Ohio in the United States. I live and practice near Cleveland. Under the auspices of a local physician non-profit organization, I have participated in a number of medical camps in various parts of India, most recently in the state of Gujarat.

The group conducting the camp includes physicians and non-physicians (pharmacists, nurses, dentists, optometrists) and a number of non-clinical volunteers. We carry with us a good supply of commonly used drugs, most of which we buy in India. These are distributed to the patients free of charge. As one can imagine, this requires planning for several months, collecting monetary and non-monetary donations from various voluntary organizations in the U.S. and India. In addition to their time and their expertise, the participants pay for their own travel and for miscellaneous other expenses.

We have always sought the help of the members of a local philanthropic organization, such as the local chapter of a Rotary club, for their advice as to the area where the camp will have the most utility and for helping us arrange the accommodations, transportation, etc. Most often, we work with a local hospital where the patient can be referred for additional care, if needed.

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