The 8th Conference of Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics (APAMI) is Just Round the Corner!

The 8th Conference of Asia Pacific Association for medical informatics is round the corner and we have some renowned international and national speakers and delegates.

Mobile health, by bringing in the patient, is the catalyst which will ignite the much awaited change in medical informatics uptake in India. Feature phones, smartphones, hand held tablets et al have opened up new easier ways of collecting medical data, bio-surveillance, telemedicine, patient monitoring, etc., thus increasing informatics uptake. Catch my session on Mobile Health on 2nd November at India Habitat Center.

Also, you can catch me at my talk on Social Media in Undergraduate Medical Education in India at the eLearning workshop on 30th October. I plan to speak on how teachers in India can immediately join in the elearning and healthcare social media revolution currently taking place all over the world!

In India, as in most countries, Health data belongs to the patient. The US watchdogs are already fining institutions which do not have a way of sharing data with patients. Patients are an important part of the whole medical data quandary (they own it!) and all our digital efforts will have to integrate a solution for them, too.

See you at #apami2014!

Neelesh Bhandari, MD Dr. Bhandari is a physician entrepreneur focused on communication technology in medicine and healthcare. He is based in the New Delhi area of India and serves as Chief Consulting Officer of Digital MedCom Solutions. Dr. Bhandari also runs the blog Digital Medicine, which is focused on “Ensuring optimum use of technology in medicine.”
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