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Health Promotion – National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme

This was presented at a workshop on National Vector Borne Disease Control Program at the Government Medical College, Amritsar…

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Salt Reduction Initiative – Cost-Effective Intervention for Hypertension

Abstract Hypertension is a serious risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, stroke and kidney failure. To prevent hypertension, one modifiable factor is the intake of a salt-rich diet. In some communities, traditional foods have a large amount of salt in the form of pickles, chutneys, yoghurt, buttermilk with salt, etc. But… 

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Road Traffic Accidents – A Serious Concern

An accident or a mishap is an “unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention or necessity.” (1) Accidents are a major cause of preventable morbidity, mortality and disability. In 2002, out of all deaths, about eight percent were due to accidents. (2) In the classification of… 

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Disposal of Human Excreta and Hygienic Behavior: Guest Blogger Dr. Mohan Lal Jangwal

Environment is an integral part of life. Survival of any living organism is not possible without a healthy environment. Put simply, the “environment” refers to the external factors around us; these factors have an influence on all human beings and vice versa. Different types of environments are all around us,… 

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Concerns of Unhealthy Diet: A Cause of Non-Communicable Disease! Guest Blogger Dr. Mohan Lal Jangwal

Since the dawn of globalization, our society has seen numerous changes. Urbanization, change of lifestyle, change in occupational environment and new dietary habits are some to be counted. Some of these were beneficial, while others have had adverse effects on our health. For example, unhealthy lifestyles are a major cause… 

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The importance of communication for health professionals: Guest Blogger Dr. Mohan Lal Jangwal

The modern era is known as the era of information, with “communication” as its main source. Various sources of communication (the best example being media), process and generate the information, though most of the facts that we get to know about someone or something may not be precise. In technical… 

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