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Ways to prevent puerperal sepsis and reduce maternal mortality rates even in low-resource settings

Along with hemorrhage and hypertension, infection remains one of the most common causes of maternal mortality in developing nations (see related article Practical Advice on Preventing Maternal Death Due to Postpartum Hemorrhage on preventing maternal death due to post-partum hemorrhage). Puerperal sepsis, defined as an infection of the genital tract… 

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Create a positive patient experience as the foundation for a successful medical practice

As the healthcare market becomes increasingly competitive, community-based medical clinics are following the lead of major hospitals and health systems by seeking advantages to separate themselves from their competitors. One area that is receiving more and more attention is that of patient experience. At its core, healthcare is a service… 

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Practical advice on preventing maternal death due to postpartum hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal death in India. The majority of these cases are preventable, but due to a lack of resources in many settings, maternal death rates in India remain higher than in other developing countries. The national maternal mortality rate in India is 254 per… 

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