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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – An Indian Scenario

COPD is a disabling disease for the patient and for those who care for the patients. It still has not received enough attention from the public or authorities. There are a lot of government bodies and NGOs to help cancer and renal patients, but COPD patients receive no attention, and… 

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Inhaler Phobia – Fear of Inhalation Therapy, Reasons, and Solutions

Even though inhalation has been a mode of drug delivery for over 2,000 years in medical history (1), modern inhalers are a relatively new mode of treatment in India. They are quickly gaining popularity among the public, as there is no doubt they have changed the lives of so many… 

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Case Study: Diagnosing pneumonia mimics

By: Dr. Kasim Kolakkadan
Pneumonia has been recognized by the medical profession since ancient times. It is one of the leading causes of infectious deaths in the West and cause of considerable mortality and morbidity in our part of the world. Diagnosis is mostly based on…

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United airway disease: Allergic rhinitis and asthma

United Airway Disease (UAD) is a term used for the combination of two well-known diseases, allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma. Until recently, these two diseases were treated separately, but now there is an increasing awareness that these two entities are manifestation of the same disease affecting two parts of the… 

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