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Teleconsultation: A Better Way to Manage Your Clinical Practice

Managing a Clinical practice is getting difficult day by day; doctors in India are burdened with an increasing volume of patients. There is a dearth of doctors in India with an abnormally low doctor-patient ratio. Teleconsultation is a good way of engaging with patients. This is no longer a new… 

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Mobile Medical Apps – Healthcare on Smartphones

Mobile technology has become ubiquitous, and anybody can communicate anywhere, anytime. Global mobile statistics suggest that there are now about 364 million smartphone users in India. As per the PwC Report for GSMA, mobile technology will play a significant role in the provision of health services, globally. In India, as… 

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Internet and Social Media for Doctors

It is time for doctors to start their online journey… Today, most information sought is reached through the Internet. India is now the third largest Internet user in the world, below only China and the United States, and already edging out Japan (1). Most doctors, and particularly specialists, are already… 

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How Effective Is Your Medical Documentation?

Medical record-keeping is all about documentation! Our paper-based health records demand quality, and should therefore be more legible and complete. In India, medical records are still primarily paper-based. Each one is a detailed account of a patient’s health history, which includes current illness, clinical findings, and treatment, among other information…. 

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Teamwork in private medical practice – India

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller Healthcare delivery should be all about teamwork! Though physicians play a crucial role in clinical decision-making, it’s the nurses and paramedics that actually implement the decisions by providing care in the inpatient settings. The pathologists,… 

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Need for digitization of health records in private practice

Today, doctors everywhere are trying to adopt newer technology to improve their clinical practices. Doctors want to improve communication between patients, hospitals, and their referral doctors. Some are utilizing scheduling and appointment software for online appointments, and some offer a dedicated helpline or SMS reminders for patients. Mobile apps and… 

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