mdCurrent-India: Practical, Customized, Relevant, Timely.

Welcome to mdCurrent-India, a cross-therapeutic digital channel customized especially for Indian physicians, launched on March 30, 2012.

We're a team of editors, physician authors, and publishers organized to provide physicians in India with local perspectives on the most important emerging clinical information and studies from across the globe. We also provide key practice management and operations advice to facilitate your role as both a business person and a doctor.

We carefully select the cross-therapeutic clinical news that we cover on our Web site and in our enewsletters so that it is highly relevant and timely. Then, our medical writers and editors analyze this critical information and provide insights from subject matter experts and other sources about what the news and updates really mean to you and your patients in India.

We also identify through reader surveys and assessments where there might be knowledge gaps and we customize our evidence-based clinical and business/operations reviews to address those needs.

mdCurrent-India is only as strong as the physicians who participate to create a greater body of knowledge and a shared sense of professional community. Click here to submit a clinical/practice management article, case study or patient education article. We also encourage physician comments about our content through the Web site’s Comments feature that appears after each article.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to enhance patient care across India.

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