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It’s all in the hands of Women and Moms! – World Diabetes Day Message

In the year 2015, International Diabetes Federation (IDF) reported that 415 million adults have diabetes worldwide; and India alone harbor 69.2 million adults with diabetes. As we expect the release of the eighth edition of IDF Atlas in a couple of days, soon we will know the alarming diabetes prevalence… 

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Surgical Care for Northeast India: Take Home Message from a ARSICON 2017 Session

Several current challenges in delivering rural surgery to underserved populations of the north-eastern states of India were discussed at the 2017 Association of Rural Surgeons of India Conferences (ARSICON) this November. Rural surgery needs to be attractive for both

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A Conference With Difference: ARSICON 2017 Dimapur

The rural surgery is different from surgeries at the urban hospitals or the medical colleges in that they are performed under resource poor settings and diagnosis depend on clinical skills rather than…

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