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The Role of Physics and Engineering in Surgery

The Lancet commission on global surgery estimates that about one third of global disease burden is surgical. Many innovations like discovery of anesthesia, antisepsis helped surgeries take…

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Zika Virus Infection as a Cause of Congenital Brain Abnormalities and Guillain–Barré Syndrome: Systematic Review

An “explosive pandemic of Zika virus infection” in 2015 caught the world by surprise. The Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization published an alert about a possible association with increases in reports of congenital abnormalities and Guillain–Barré syndrome…

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A High Level of Soluble CD40L Is Associated with P. aeruginosa Infection in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is one of the most common inherited diseases resulting in a shortened life span. It affects approximately 70,000 people worldwide. CF is an autosomal recessive disease that is caused by mutations in…

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Was Negatively Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease: A Population-Based Case-Control Study

Rheumatoid arthritis is a prevalent autoimmune disease which primarily affects synovial joints. This disease is characterized by progressive joint damage and bone destruction and can…

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Case Report: Buccal Lipoma, A Rare Entity

By: Dr. Dheeraj V. Mulchandani and Dr. M. M. Begani
A 40 year old fisherwoman presented to our day care surgery with her complaints of a slowly progressive swelling originating over the inside of her left cheek. It was relatively…

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Experiencing Lifetime Domestic Violence: Associations with Mental Health and Stress among Pregnant Women in Rural Bangladesh

Gender-based domestic violence has been defined as any act of physical, sexual, emotional abuse and controlling behavior against a woman by an…

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The Combined Effect of High Ambient Temperature and Antihypertensive Treatment on Renal Function in Hospitalized Elderly Patients

Elderly people (over 65 years old) are more susceptible to environmental influences on their health including dehydration. Since aging is associated with several physiological and pathological processes, advanced age is…

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