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Immunological Evidence for the Role of Mycobacteria in Sarcoidosis: A Meta-Analysis

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the second most common infectious cause of death in adults worldwide (HIV is the most common). The human host serves as a natural reservoir for M. tuberculosis, which is an intracellular obligate and…

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Maternal Micronutrient Supplementation and Long Term Health Impact in Children in Rural Bangladesh

A growing body of evidence indicates that the nutritional background of a woman during pregnancy and especially during early life is a critical determinant of her offspring’s subsequent health outcomes such as sub-optimum growth and mortality…

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HMGB1 May Be a Biomarker for Predicting the Outcome in Patients with Polymyositis/Dermatomyositis with Interstitial Lung Disease

Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis are heterogeneous complex autoimmune diseases that primarily target skeletal muscles and skin. They are characterized by…

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