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Erythropoietin Levels Increase during Cerebral Malaria and Correlate with Heme, Interleukin-10 and Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha in India

Malaria eradication is a worldwide public health priority. Despite tremendous efforts, children and adults still die from this plague every year due to severe disease manifestations. Cerebral malaria is the deadliest complication…

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Screening for Dysglycemia: Connecting Supply and Demand to Slow Growth in Diabetes Incidence

Diabetes is one of the most devastating and costly conditions worldwide, leading to substantial burdens of macro- and microvascular diseases, as well as other disorders…

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A Functional rs353293 Polymorphism in the Promoter of miR-143/145 Is Associated with a Reduced Risk of Bladder Cancer

Epidemiological studies have identified some risk factors for BC, such as tobacco smoking, occupational exposures to industrial chemicals, and dietary nitrates and arsenic…

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Estimating Benzathine Penicillin Need for the Treatment of Pregnant Women Diagnosed with Syphilis during Antenatal Care in High-Morbidity Countries

Syphilis infection can be transmitted from mother to infant during pregnancy resulting in congenital syphilis. Injectable penicillin is the only recommended treatment for syphilis occurring in pregnant women to prevent congenital syphilis and for infants born with…

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Pro-Oxidant Role of Silibinin in DMBA/TPA Induced Skin Cancer: 1H NMR Metabolomic and Biochemical Study

The Indian subcontinent reports higher prevalence of SCC in comparison to BCC. Apart from ultraviolet radiation (UVR), the other common causes of NMSC are environmental and…

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Gasless Laparoscopic Surgeries Making MIS Affordable and Available: The Medicall Innovations Awards Presentation

Medicall is an international Hospital needs expo that is conducted annually to display a variety of new and innovative medical products and equipment. This year it was held at Chennai. The exhibition had over 700 stalls from all over the World displaying their equipment and devices…

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Identification of Specific miRNA Signature in Paired Sera and Tissue Samples of Indian Women with Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer and a leading cause of cancer-related mortality in women worldwide. In India about 1, 44,937 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and approximately 90,000 deaths occur every year…

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