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Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid Improve Gross Motor and Problem-Solving Skills in Young North Indian Children

Poor vitamin B12 status is common among young children in many low- to middle-income countries (LMIC). Deficiency in vitamin B12 has been associated with decreased cognitive performance among elderly, and case studies in infants show that severe…

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Polymorphisms in CaSR and CLDN14 Genes Associated with Increased Risk of Kidney Stone Disease in Patients from the Eastern Part of India

Kidney stone is a solid crystal aggregation formed in the kidneys from dietary minerals in the urine. Kidney stones are often a painful experience associated with hematuria and if severe or chronic, damage to kidney tissue and renal failure…

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Is the Association between Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Confounded by Obesity?

Systematic reviews of observational studies have reported inverse associations between serum vitamin D levels and a range of cardiovascular disease risk factors, most notably hypertension, but also dyslipidaemia, abnormal glucose homeostasis and…

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Impairment of Colour Vision in Diabetes with No Retinopathy

Various studies have demonstrated that individuals with diabetic retinopathy can present with impairment of colour (ICV) and that the severity of ICV increases with increase in the severity of retinopathy and presence of…

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Use of Electronic Loggers to Measure Changes in the Rates of Hand Washing with Soap in Low-Income Urban Households in India

There is considerable evidence that hand washing with soap (HWWS) can reduce the incidence of diarrhoeal disease and respiratory infections. However, globally, rates of HWWS remain low and there is a pressing need to…

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Glenmark launches Teneligliptin – an advanced Diabetes treatment at significantly affordable cost in India

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited, the research-led global integrated pharmaceutical company today announced the pan-India launch of Teneligliptin in the city of Bengaluru. Teneligliptin, a new third generation oral anti-diabetic agent is used for…

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Gasless or Lift Laparoscopic Surgery Equipment: A Comparison of Available Options

Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery ranks similar to the introduction of anesthesia for surgeries, in creating a significant impact on surgical care. Healthy patients can tolerate the effects of…

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