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Make Your Medical Product Ideas Come to Life: The User’s Needs and Your Product

Based on our discussion in the last column, we have to uncover the product attributes that are most meaningful to the user, whether that user is a physician, nurse or technician, and to the buyer—whether he is a purchasing agent or general manager. For instance, I suggested that we learn… 

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Single-Incision Lift Laparoscopic Trans-Abdominal Pre-Peritoneal Herniorrhaphy: A Low-Cost Technique for Rural Surgeons

An inguinal hernia is a common surgical problem with many possible methods of repair available. Kulacoglu found that mesh repairs are superior to “nonmesh” tissue-suture repairs, and he reviewed studies showing similar efficacy between Lichtenstein repair…

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Case Study: Swollen Leg with Anemia in an Obese Policeman Leads to Discovery of Cecal Cancer

By: Dr. Somprakas Basu
We report a case of cecal cancer in an obese policeman, who presented with recurrent deep venous thrombosis and unexplained anemia. The deep venous thrombosis was thought to be due to long hours of standing (professional hazard) and obesity. Investigations for thrombophilia came back …

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The Human Microbiome

Microorganisms were there before us; they are with us now and will be there after us. Our true ancestors, the anaerobes, have taken shelter in various niches, including the human body. Our intestines are a unique place in which 99.99% of the bacterial flora is anaerobic. Recall the process of… 

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Quick Case: Isolated Hepatic Amyloidosis in a Young Male

By: Dr. Swapan Samanta
A 45-year-old male presented with loss of appetite and weight loss for last 6 months. He gradually developed jaundice (bilirubin 8.6 mg%; 90% unconjugated) and…

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PrediQt-Cx: Post Treatment Health Related Quality of Life Prediction Model for Cervical Cancer Patients

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide [1]. The disparity between the mortality rates amongst the high and the low income group countries signifies a health inequity [1]. Further, there exists a higher prevalence in the low socio-economic groups within different countries, which exemplifies uneven…

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A Novel 2006 Indian Outbreak Strain of Chikungunya Virus Exhibits Different Pattern of Infection as Compared to Prototype Strain

Chikungunya fever is an acute mosquito-borne febrile arthritis caused by Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), an Alphavirus belonging to Togaviridae family [1]. The disease is characterized by abrupt onset of high fever, arthralgia, myalgia, headache, rash [2]–[5] and poly-arthralgia which is very painful and…

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