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How Effective Is Your Medical Documentation?

Medical record-keeping is all about documentation! Our paper-based health records demand quality, and should therefore be more legible and complete. In India, medical records are still primarily paper-based. Each one is a detailed account of a patient’s health history, which includes current illness, clinical findings, and treatment, among other information…. 

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Quick Case: Incidental myeloid sarcoma in a young male

By: Dr. Swapan Samanta
A 24-year–old, otherwise healthy male presented with numbness and pain in both lower limbs for the past two…

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Make your medical product ideas come to life: Are you infringing?

Certainly, issues of patent infringement should be determined by your patent counsel. However, if you are conducting your own prior art search, as I have suggested you do, do you ask your attorney about each patent you turn up? My recommendation is that you, as the inventor, should try to… 

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News: March 18, 2014

Welcome, Dr. Sandeep Saluja, MD! mdCurrent-India welcomes Dr. Saluja to our editorial advisory board this month. Dr. Saluja is an Honorary Senior Medical consultant at Dayalbagh – an organization committed to social welfare. He is an internal medicine doctor with a special interest in rheumatology, rare disorders, new drugs and… 

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Concerns of Unhealthy Diet: A Cause of Non-Communicable Disease! Guest Blogger Dr. Mohan Lal Jangwal

Since the dawn of globalization, our society has seen numerous changes. Urbanization, change of lifestyle, change in occupational environment and new dietary habits are some to be counted. Some of these were beneficial, while others have had adverse effects on our health. For example, unhealthy lifestyles are a major cause… 

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Iron deficiency anemia in Indian children – causes, prevalence and management

Introduction Iron-deficiency anemia (IDA) is a common type of anemia which causes about half of the anemia cases reported in the world. It is estimated that over 1 billion people are iron-deficient. Women are more likely to be affected by IDA than men. IDA can be caused by low intake… 

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Make your medical product ideas come to life: Searching for prior art

How likely are you to obtain a patent for your invention? If you made and sold it right now, would you be infringing someone else’s patent? Researching the patent databases will help you answer these questions and give you a good idea about whether your innovation is already described or… 

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