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Screening for postpartum depression benefits mother and child

Postpartum Depression (PPD) (also known as postnatal depression) is a largely overlooked health problem in India, due to lack of awareness and to a stigma of mental illness. In a recent mdCurrent-India survey, 70% of doctors delivering 5 or more babies a week did not always screen for post-partum depression…. 

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Portable monitoring and feedback device for lower limb performance training

Editor’s note: mdCurrent-India Editors will alert you to promising new therapeutic technologies that we find around the world that might be appropriate for your practice. An important part of therapy for neurological disorder patients is physical therapy to improve motor function and mobility. Neurological disorder patients often suffer from certain… 

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To maximize productivity, use benchmarks, delegate tasks, and download free web-based tools

Maintaining a productive clinic is a key aspect of income stability and professional satisfaction. Productivity, however, means more than just seeing additional patients. Too many patients might result in diminished quality and patients seeking care elsewhere. Without enough visits, your earnings will drop and you may not be able to… 

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Basics of neurological disorders for primary care physicians

Neurological disorders include structural, biochemical, or electrical abnormalities in the brain, spinal chord, or the nerves leading to or from them, resulting in a wide range of debilitating symptoms. Neurologic disability is on the rise and may be considered a “hidden” epidemic for India, soon to join the burden of… 

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