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Metropolis Healthcare Presents Alarming Findings of PLAC Test

Cardiovascular disease emerged as India’s top killer around the mid-1980s and ever since, it has been a growing threat. According to the recent WHO data, one in 3 Indians succumb to cardiovascular diseases and an increasing number of…

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Dr. J. Gnanaraj’s Contribution for The Karad Global Surgery Consensus Statement on Surgical Needs and Innovation in Rural Surgery

The Indian surgeon has adapted his skills to the low-resource environment, to be able to deliver high-quality surgery. There is much they can…

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Minimally Invasive Fasciotomy with Urology Instruments

The lower limb has fascia compartments through which nerves and blood vessels pass. These fascia that cover the muscle compartment are non-compliant, and along with increased interstitial pressure can cause compartment syndrome (1). Injury bleeding in the compartment and infection can cause these. The four “Ps” are used for diagnosis:… 

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System Audit for Small Hospitals: Suggestions for Using a Purchase System

The Purchase System The objective of the purchase system is to make sure that the requirements of hospitals are purchased at the best possible prices, are available and are always accountable. The various aspects of a purchase system include planning, allocating funds, preparing, purchasing, receiving, storing and distributing the purchased… 

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Quick Case: The Dramatic Benefit of Vacuum Therapy Treatment

By: Dr. J. Gnanaraj and Mr. W. Jacob
Mr. S is a known diabetic patient who came to the hospital with septicemia. He had a coronary artery bypass carried out in 2007 and noticed a non-healing wound in the…

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Colles Fracture: Anatomy, Mechanism of Injury, Causes and Treatment Methods

This is a brief presentation of most common fracture around the wrist i.e Colles fracture. This presentation gives a brief information on anatomy, mechanism of injury, causes and treatment methods…

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Non-Invasive Hemoglobin Measurement: A Great Blessing to the Rural Community

India has a very high prevalence of anemia, and some estimates suggest that 20-40% of maternal deaths in India are caused by anemia. About half of the maternal deaths due to…

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