Top mdCurrent-India Articles in 2016

Here are the most popular mdCurrent-India articles published in 2016!

Top mdCurrent-India Case Studies in 2016

These mdCurrent-India Case Studies were most popular in 2016!

Top mdCurrent-India Articles in 2015

Here are the most popular mdCurrent-India articles published in 2015!

Top mdCurrent-India Case Studies in 2015

These mdCurrent-India Case Studies were most popular in 2015!

Top mdCurrent-India Articles in 2014

Here are the 10 most popular mdCurrent-India articles published in 2014!

Top mdCurrent-India Case Studies in 2014

These mdCurrent-India Case Studies were most popular in 2014!

Top mdCurrent-India Articles in 2013

    1. Four more Google tools for doctors in India
    2. Battling antimicrobial resistance in India - includes a free patient handout PDF!
    3. Moving towards individualized treatment for Diabetes: recent guidelines and treatment recommendations
    4. Cost-effective method for treating diabetic foot, developed in Tamil Nadu: Improved healing lessens need for lower-limb amputation
    5. Basics of neurological disorders for primary care physicians

    1. United airway disease: Allergic rhinitis and asthma
    2. Calculating physician fees requires market knowledge and flexibility
    3. To avoid a cash-flow crunch, ensure that your revenue is adequate for your practice
    4. To maximize productivity, use benchmarks, delegate tasks, and download free web-based tools

    1. Patient communication: Simplicity is best
    2. The changing behavior of the Indian patient
    3. Visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar) diagnosis and treatment in India
    4. Real estate costs make launching a practice unaffordable for some
    5. The potential elimination of Plasmodium vivax malaria by relapse treatment

    1. Haemoglobin A1C for coronary heart disease risk stratification in non-diabetic patients
    2. The impact of dengue fever on the heart
    3. Pneumonia in Children and in Diabetic Adults: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention
    4. Yoga therapy better than exercise therapy in reducing disability from osteoarthritic knees
    5. How to speak your patients’ language for clearer communication

  1. The role of yoga in stress management
  2. Low-cost laparoscopic surgeries: Taking modern surgery to the poor
  3. The changing face of the doctor-patient relationship
  4. Controlling expenses requires prudence, monitoring, and teamwork
  5. Healthcare, Doctor, and the Patient: Guest blogger Dr. Shalini Ratan

Top 25 mdCurrent-India Articles in 2012

    1. Five free and simple Google tools useful for Indian physicians
    2. How you can build your practice even if you’re not a famous doctor
    3. How to set fees for your medical services that are ‘just right’
    4. 3 therapies every doctor should prescribe
    5. Create a positive patient experience as the foundation for a successful medical practice

    1. Early intensive therapy in type 2 diabetes may preserve beta cell function
    2. Getting social: How to engage patients through Twitter and Facebook
    3. Honey effective in symptomatic treatment of nocturnal cough in children with upper respiratory tract infections
    4. What you need to know about the mHealth revolution that’s taking hold in India
    5. Position yourself as a medical expert by working with the local media

    1. Navigating your financial future: Advice for doctors
    2. Advice to maximize your time with medical sales representatives
    3. What to do about patients who ramble
    4. Widespread use of statins for primary prevention could reduce risk of vascular events
    5. How technology can boost your efficiency

    1. New-generation anticoagulant agents pose risks in treatment of acute coronary syndromes
    2. Could a rotavirus vaccine based on genotypes prevalent in India be on the horizon?
    3. What you need to know about the new breed of ‘e-patients’—high-tech, informed, and engaged
    4. Significant number of global cancer cases attributed to infectious diseases
    5. Cardiovascular risk factors vary within Indian ethnic subgroups

  1. Polyphenol resveratrol may boost effect of oral hypoglycemic agents in Indian patients
  2. The benefits of referring patients to other patients
  3. Despite pediatric and WHO guidelines, ‘irrational’ antibiotic prescribing for diarrhea persists in India
  4. Antibiotics for treating acute ischemic stroke—a novel idea?
  5. How to know when the time is right to add another physician to your practice

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