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Determinants of Salivary Cotinine among Smokeless Tobacco Users: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Bangladesh

Almost a fifth of world’s tobacco is consumed in smokeless form, mostly in South Asia. Smokeless tobacco use is integral to South Asian culture, being incorporated in their traditional values, spirituality, beliefs…

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Prevalence of Smokeless Tobacco among Low Socioeconomic Populations: A Cross-Sectional Analysis

Approximately 6 million people breathe their last every year as a consequence of use tobacco and SLT, it is the mainly representing about 12% global mortality of adult. Keeping all conditions constant the SLT consumption and the forecasted death tool will be nearly…

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Use of Smokeless Tobacco by Indian Women Aged 18–40 Years during Pregnancy and Reproductive Years

India is one of the world’s largest producers and consumers of tobacco, much of it in smokeless form (SLT), and available in a variety of different types and brands across the country. Smoking is rare among Indian women, but research over the past decade has shown that Indian women’s use of smokeless tobacco products is substantial and increasing, with negative consequences for both…

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Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Association of Smokeless Tobacco and of Betel Quid without Tobacco with Incidence of Oral Cancer in South Asia and the Pacific

There are more than seventy species of tobacco, where Nicotiana tabacum is the chief commercial crop. This was first introduced into South Asia in the 1600s as a product to be smoked and gradually became popular in many different smokeless forms [1]–[3]. It was not known in Pacific communities before European contact [4] and was introduced to Papua New Guinea by Malay traders [5], [6]. Tobacco in its various forms is frequently…

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Prevalence and correlates of smokeless tobacco consumption among married women in Rural Bangladesh

Nearly six million people die each year as a result of tobacco use [1]_ENREF_1, accounting for 12% of global adult mortality [2]. If current tobacco use patterns continue, it will cause some 10 million deaths each year by 2020 [3].

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