Widespread use of statins for primary prevention could reduce risk of vascular events

Even patients with a 5-year risk for major vascular events <10% may benefit from primary prevention using statin therapy, according to the results of a large meta-analysis.

This study may hold particular significance for patients in India, where genetic susceptibility results in a higher rate of vascular events, and where the World Health Organization predicts that cardiovascular diseases (CVD) will be the largest cause of...

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  1. Debabrata Das
    Posted Sep 2012 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

    One of our peer groups may advice. i am 66 yrs. My family history: My grand father who was a doctor had ischemic stroke at the age of 57 & my mother at the age of 74 had hemorrhagic stroke. i am neither diabetic nor have hypertension. My HDL is within normal range and LDL cholesterol 204. i do not have any TIA or related problem. Should i take statin for prevention; if yes what and at what dosage. i am a physician who takes care of Child health. i am 5ft 5in in height and weigh 64kg. Rquest a reply from an expert on this topic. Regards

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