Dietary practices during childhood illnesses lead to nutritional restrictions

The beliefs, knowledge, and attitude of Indian caregivers toward dietary practices during childhood illnesses lead to nutritional restrictions, according to a recently published study.

In India, 43% of children aged 5 years and under are malnourished or undernourished. In fact, a child with grade I or II malnutrition may appear normal to a caregiver. Malnutrition in childhood impedes motor, sensory, cognitive, social, and emotional development, and malnourished children are at...

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  1. samhitha jyothi
    Posted Dec 2013 at 3:31 pm | Permalink

    i am doing my nursing in child health nursing and as a part of my thesis work i am searching for the reviews of my topic i.e A COMPARITIVE STUDY TO ASSESS KNOWLEDGE,ATTITUDE AND PRACTICES REGARDING DIET DURING SELECTED CHILDHOOD ILLNESSES . this information is useful for my study thank you. will you please guide me whom i want to contact for reference and guidance

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