Video: Minimally Invasive Surgeries: Available & Afforable

Video Transcript

Why does a poor patient in a remote rural area need modern minimally invasive surgeries?

When a rural patient has surgery, 40% go below the poverty line

Because they either have to sell their income generating assets or borrow at a very heavy interest, loss of time, money & time spent by the … etc add to the costs. Minimally Invasive Surgery has advantage that the patients can get back to work within days.

Why is it not available?

The expensive equipment, need for expensive medicines, specialists for general anesthesia, the need for bottled gases and delicate unfamiliar instruments, etc make minimally invasive surgery very expensive.

The key to making them available in rural areas is doing them under the easiest available & less expensive spinal anesthesia.

Quick turn over of patients means they are possible by visiting teams. Seesha has been able to do 750 gas less laproscopic surgeries and over 2,000 endoscopic surgeries for kidney stones in remote and rural areas through surgical camps in remote and rural areas.

This was made possible by two innovations. This equipment made laproscopic surgery possible under spinal anesthesia and the easy position, easy fix Stirrups made change of patient position possible during surgery thus helping with surgeries for kidney stones possible for normal urinary passage.

The innovation online onsite training programs took these to the rural areas.

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