The changing behavior of the Indian patient

Indian-woman-doctor-explaining Today’s patient is an inquisitive patient.

The patient has become a healthcare consumer with demands similar to any other service industry consumer. Knowledge and understanding of the needs of patients and their families now is more crucial than ever in providing exceptional patient service.

Key Point: The patient has become a healthcare consumer with demands similar to any other service industry consumer. One of the key solutions that can help to improve Patient Satisfaction is “Effective & Empathetic” communication with the patient. This would extend the understanding of the patient beyond the history and symptoms to include values, ideas, beliefs, feelings and concerns.

Patient satisfaction depends on the service provider’s performance in specific areas of service which fulfills the patients’ expectations. This could be the medical expertise of the doctor, modern equipments & procedures, personal care about the patient’s physical and emotional needs, comfortable stay, and communication with the patient and his or her relatives.

A patient demands to know about the...

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  1. Dr. Suresh Saravdekar
    Posted Jul 2013 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    Hi Shalini

    You have choosen a good subject. Today’s Physicians need to be highlighted on this patient – centric healthcare practice. The rapidly developing technological tools had pushed the emphethetic approach of medical services on the back side. which is not only unacceptable but negative ..


    • Shalini Ratan
      Posted Jul 2013 at 1:04 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Dr. Suresh. It is a Change which will happen over a period of time. Though technology is part of development but it’s appropriate use is important. Delivery of medical education based on Doctor – Patient Relationship would require a Paradigm Shift.

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