What is Impetigo? [video]

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Video Transcript
What is impetigo?
Impetigo is a bacterial skin condition that causes sores and blisters. This highly contagious skin infection is very common and affects mainly young children. It is for this reason that it is often called school sores. There are two types of school sores. The first type is bullous, which causes large, painless blisters. The other type, non-bullous, is much more contagious as it causes sores that quickly rupture. These ruptured sores then scab over to leave a yellow-brown crust.

How can I treat it?
You can usually leave school sores to heal on their own, however, antibiotic cream is often prescribed to help prevent the infection from spreading. After 24 hours of treatment, or once the sores have crusted over, most people are no longer contagious. To reduce the risk of school sores from spreading then you should avoid touching the sores; wash your hands regularly; stop sharing flannels, sheets, or towels; and keep your child home from school until their sores have dried up.

If the blisters continue to produce fluid a week after starting treatment then go back to your GP for a further checkup.

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