Pre-school children and watching television [video]

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Video Transcript
Baby Care: How much television should pre-schoolers watch?

Dr. Carol Cooper, General Practitioner: The trouble with TV is that it's a passive medium. Children won't learn anything near as much from TV as they will from hands-on learning and from interaction. From the age of 2 to 3 years old, your child should watch a maximum of half an hour of TV or DVDs a day. Some programs have educational benefits, but watching too much in one go can make your child restless.

Prolonged TV viewing can also affect his posture, his fitness, and impair his social skills. Choose TV programs carefully. Just because it's a cartoon, it doesn't mean it's suitable for your child to watch. Always watch a program through first yourself to make sure it's appropriate. Even a cute cartoon about animals could be scary to a pre-schooler and could lead to nightmares. In a nutshell, TV should just be a small part of your child's daily activities.

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