Mini Dental Implants for Dentures [video]

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Mini dental implants stabilize dentures and prevent bone loss.

The procedure takes less than two hours and the denture can be worn right away.

A mini dental implant is a small titanium screw, Dr Rob Dunn, Nantwich Smile Design, which can be placed within the jaw to restore single teeth or stabilize dentures. Generally, when teeth are removed there is a considerable amount of bone loss, and if the teeth have been removed for many years, that bone loss can be excessive, and the jaws become very small. It is difficult, then, to put a denture onto that to that jaw, because there's nothing to hold it in place.

Because the implant is smaller, the surgical procedure is simpler, and therefore we don't need to create large holes in the bone to insert the implants. The dentist recommended the implants to stave off the bone loss, and exactly that has happened.

Generally, we find with many implants that the pain perception for the patient lasts only 24 hours, and then within 24 to 48 hours they have no symptoms; they have no swelling, they have no bruising, and they can function normally within that period of time. Once the mini implants are in place, the dentures become more secure, so they can be made more bulky, so this will hold out the soft tissues and improve the facial appearance, making people look younger.

The shape of my face has changed quite dramatically since I had the implants in. Before, I looked very old, very drawn, and my face was very thin, and since I've had it done, the difference is really incredible. My face looks fatter. It makes me look younger. It gives me more confidence, and all in all, I think it looks lovely. I'm really, really pleased.

The process would normally take about an hour for one jaw and about an hour and half for two jaws. Because the patient doesn't suffer a great deal of swelling or after-pain, it is possible to do both in one day.

Generally, we would do one at a time. The implants are normally placed under local anesthetic, so as soon as that anesthetic has worn off, within 2 to 3 hours post surgery, the patient will function normally. They will find they can eat and laugh and much more quality of life is gained very quickly.

Once the patient has the implants in place, they have to maintain them daily using a special toothbrush which is designed with curly bristles to fit around the implant. This is used is used twice a day as you would for natural teeth.

Long term research on mini implants show them to be successful 95 percent of the time. This compares favorably with those of conventional implants, which have about that same sort of figure.

In my own experience--in my own practice--we are recording higher figures than that. In all the time that I have been placing mini implants, we've only had three major complaints, and these were all from ladies who complained that now that they could eat again they were putting on weight in big numbers.

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