Helpful Tips on Recognizing Warning Signs for Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes-Warning215Type 2 diabetes is a condition that develops in the body over a period of time. This condition is sometimes referred to as the non-insulin dependent diabetes. The cause of it is that your body becomes resistant to the effects of the insulin that it is producing and this increases your blood sugar levels. Two of the largest risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes are your family history and being overweight.

The definition of insulin is a hormone in your body that is produced by the pancreas. Typically, the insulin levels vary in relation to the amount of glucose in your body. When you consume food, the level will increase and if you are not eating, it will decrease. Insulin moves the glucose to different areas in your body. If you have more glucose then your body can handle, the excess amount will be stored in your liver and it will be released when it is needed. It is a difficult balance between the pancreas, liver, insulin and glucose.

If you develop type 2 diabetes, one of two things will take place. Either your pancreas will stop producing the proper amounts of insulin that your body requires or you will become resistant to insulin. No matter which way it will go, the results will be the same, high blood sugar levels.

When something is wrong with your body, it has ways of signaling you. It is extremely important that you familiarize yourself with the symptoms of type 2 diabetes because the sooner that you can catch it, the less damage that it will do to your body. Here are some things to look for in type 2 diabetes.

One of the most overlooked symptoms of type 2 diabetes is extreme fatigue. This is because people are so busy with their jobs and lifestyle and they have so much stress in their everyday lives that they automatically think that this is why they are so tired all the time. If you feel tired and sleepy all the time, even after a good nights sleep, then you should see your doctor for a checkup and make sure everything is all right.

Another sign is a drastic change in your weight. Maybe you feel hungry all of the time and this causes you to eat more and gain weight. The excess fat that you have in your body causes it to become more resistant to the effects of insulin that is produced. You may also eat more then normal and end up losing weight. This is caused by your muscles not getting enough glucose to function properly.

Your eyes can also be effected by type 2 diabetes. You can have blurry vision as high blood sugar levels pulls fluid from tissues such as the lens of your eyes making it difficult for them to focus. Most of these vision problems will go away once diabetes is treated, but in some cases blindness can occur if left untreated.

Diabetes also effects healing in your body. You may have frequent infections or they may be slow healing infections and cuts. Increased yeast infections is also a warning sign for type 2 diabetes.

Your teeth and gums can also be effected by diabetes. If you notice that your gums are becoming red and swollen or inflamed, go and get checked by your doctor as diabetes increases your chances of developing these issues as well as problems with the bones that hold your teeth in place.

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