Constipation during pregnancy [video]

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Constipation during pregnancy

Dr. Mathena Pavan, Registrar in Gastroenterology: During pregnancy, about 40% of women will experience some constipation. It's usually during the early stages of the pregnancy that they will experience this. Often with pregnant ladies after the birth of their baby, they may be immobile for a few days after a Cesarean section, or some of the medications that they are given in the postpartum period after their baby has been delivered can cause constipation. The good news is there's lots of different things available to pregnant women, and there are treatments that won't affect the baby. I would suggest in the first instance increasing the amount of fibre in your diet, but there are also other supplements that you can take. You can try natural remedies such as senna, and there's also things like fibre gel, which can increase the amount of insoluble fibre that you take in your diet. I would advise that you go to your pharmacist and have a chat with them, and they can show you the selections that are available.

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