Cervical Cancer Symptoms – Sonia’s Story [video]

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Sonia was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2010 after experiencing symptoms.

Sonia Harris, cervical cancer survivor: On and off over the years I've had some intermittent bleeding, after sex bleeding. But I thought that was just normal for me. I had a smear test in 2007 which came back normal. It wasn't really, until this, I had this dense fluid or leakage. Then I was a bit more conscious of, could it be something else? But I still thought that it was, perhaps, hormonal. The results of the smear test had come back as 'urgent referral.' So then I had the colposcopy done. But he then had already said to me that I had cancer. I'm 2 years post treatment now. I'm on to 6-monthly checkups. I have, obviously, ongoing problems due to the radiotherapy. If somebody told me they had any symptoms of that kind, I would tell them to go to their GP and get checked out and make sure they tell the GP all the symptoms that they have. I think people think that it's not going to happen to them, and it does.

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There are a few symptoms you can look out for, such as bleeding during and after intercourse, bleeding between periods, or bleeding after menopause. Other symptoms might include pain during intercourse, and unusual or unpleasant vaginal discharge, or pain in the lower back.

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust - Information/Support/Friends
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