Higher BMI, maternal age increase risk of gestational diabetes in South Asian women

A retrospective analysis has found that advanced maternal age and increased body mass index (BMI) each increase the risk of developing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM); notably, these effects are more pronounced in women of South Asian descent. This study is the first in the current literature to examine the interaction between age and racial origin on the development of GDM.

Key Point: The authors of the study concluded that these findings underscore the importance of ensuring healthy eating and weight control in women of reproductive age, especially if they are South Asian or Black African, to minimize the risk of developing GDM.

The study, which spanned 1988 to 2000 and included 15 maternity units in northwest London, included 1,688 women who developed GDM and 172,632 who did not; all were nulliparous. Age and race were self-reported. The racial groups included women of South Asian, White European, Black African, and Black Caribbean descent. BMIs were calculated at the women’s first antenatal visit.

The study found a strong positive association between...

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