Benefits outweigh the risks for antimalarial treatment of women in the first trimester of pregnancy

Malaria caused by either Plasmodium vivax or Plasmodium falciparum increases miscarriage risk during the first trimester. Antimalarial treatment is important and chloroquine, quinine, and mefloquine do not significantly increase the risk of miscarriage or other adverse events, according to a population-based study.

“This paper confirms the dictum that malaria in pregnancy produces more harm than the potential side effects of antimalarial drugs.”
-Dhiraj Gada, MD, director, GadaLife ART Center, Indore, India, and a member of mdCurrent-India’s Ob/Gyn Editorial Advisory Board

Currently, there are no reliable prevention measures for malaria in pregnant women, and treatment options are limited. These women can experience serious consequences for...

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