Gas Less Lift Laparoscopic Surgeries Workshop

Niathu Resort at Dimapur Nagaland

What is GLLS?

Gas less laparoscopic surgeries are laparoscopic surgeries carried out with the help a specially designed equipment to lift the anterior abdominal wall through a small incision in the Umbilicus. Since there is no gas long regular instruments and surgical techniques could be used.


It is less expensive as gases and special instruments are not necessary and surgeries are possible under the less expensive and easily available spinal anesthesia. It is physiologically superior to traditional laparoscopic surgeries that use general anesthesia and carbon dioxide insufflation. It is easier to learn and single incision surgeries are easy to carry out unlike in traditional laparoscopic surgeries.

How to learn about GLLS?

ARSI is sponsoring a one-day workshop at Niathu resort at Dimapur in Nagaland after the Association of Rural Surgeons of India conference. You can learn through didactic lectures, video presentations about techniques, demonstration of equipment, etc., at the workshop.

What are the advantages of attending the GLLS workshop?

Based on the results of the tests towards the end of the program and interview you have a chance to get one of the following:

  1. Sponsorship for further hands on training at the Medtronic Innovation Center at Mumbai with animal lab
  2. Sponsorship of equipment and hands on training at your place of work

How to apply?

Please register for the ARSI conference and send a e mail to stating that you wish to attend the free GLLS workshop at the Niathu resort at Dimapur. First ten applicants have a chance to win travel scholarship too for the ARSI conference.

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