LECTURE: Rural Surgery Urinary Tract Stones – Thursday, July 23, 2020

The details for the call-in Zoom Meeting lecture is ONLY good for Thursday July 23, 2020. Click here to view the presentation:  Urinary Tract Stones Managing Urinary Tract Stones in Rural Areas Mankind has been affected by urinary stones for several centuries and has been the silent cause of renal… 

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Rural Surgery Research and Training Center – Shanthi Bhavan Medical Center, Biru, Jharkhand

A University of Michigan-led team carried out the analysis of data from 1.6 million hospital stays for four common operations: gall bladder removal, colon surgery, hernia repair and appendectomy…

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Introduction to Gas Insufflation Less Laparoscopic surgeries for Rural Areas

The GILLS or Gas Insufflation Less Laparoscopic Surgeries are slowly gaining popularity in remote and rural areas thanks to the involvement of researchers from NIHR – GHRG…

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Virus interactions with bacteria: Partners in the infectious dance

The outcome of viral infection depends on the interplay between host factors and the environment. Host factors, like the expression of viral receptors, convey permissiveness to infection, define tropism, regulate antiviral immune responses, determine viral clearance, and spread

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Fungal diseases as neglected pathogens: A wake-up call to public health officials

Human fungal diseases differ fundamentally from other infections in diverse ways. As eukaryotic pathogens, fungi share many similarities with their host cells, which impairs the development of antifungal compounds. Fungal tropism is highly variable, as pathogens infect…

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A Network Integration Approach to Predict Conserved Regulators Related to Pathogenicity of Influenza and SARS-CoV Respiratory Viruses

In this study, we use a network approach to predict critical signaling regulators to influenza virus and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) infection. These respiratory viruses are crucial…

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Environmental persistence of porcine coronaviruses in feed and feed ingredients

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV), Porcine Delta Corona Virus (PDCoV), and Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus (TGEV) are major threats to swine health and contaminated feed plays…

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