Steroid injections do not significantly improve back pain

Lumbosacral radiculopathy does not improve significantly more with epidural steroids vs saline injections 1 month following treatment, according to results from a multicenter, randomized trial. The study also looked at functional capacity, and injections of etanercept fared worse than steroids or saline. In the study, which was conducted in the… 

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New charts developed for height, weight, and BMI of Indian children

In a comprehensive study of height and weight, a group of researchers evaluated more than 100,000 Indian schoolchildren across 4 major regions of the country. Children attending fee-paying schools were considered to represent the upper socioeconomic strata (USES), while those attending government schools were classified as belonging to the lower… 

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Shifting strategies needed to curb noncommunicable diseases in India

An estimated 5.2 million deaths per year in India are caused by noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), and the number is expected to grow in the coming decades. “Physicians have an important role to play—not only as caregivers but also as counselors, educators, and community leaders. They can convey the message that… 

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No increased cancer risk from metal-on-metal hip implants

Metal-on-metal hip implants do not increase the risk of cancer in the short term after the surgery, according to an examination of a national joint registry of arthroplasties, a recent study found. The study investigators, from the United Kingdom, based their research on data from the National Joint Registry of… 

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Financial planning for doctors: Start early to ensure a successful future

The correlation between a high-income occupation and net worth is not inherently a positive one. When I think about this truism, I am reminded of medical practice, one of the noblest professions in the world. The concepts of finance and accounting are alien for many doctors, since you of course… 

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Galectin-3 identifies subset of heart failure patients who can benefit from a statin

Blood levels of the carbohydrate-binding protein galectin-3 identified patients with ischemic heart failure who derived significant clinical benefit from rosuvastatin in the Controlled Rosuvastatin Multinational Trial in Heart Failure (CORONA) trial. A substudy of CORONA demonstrated that patients with blood levels of galectin-3 <19.0 ng/mL at the start of the… 

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Circumcised men have less prostate cancer

Men who are circumcised before their first sexual intercourse have a lower risk of both less aggressive and more aggressive forms of prostate cancer compared with uncircumcised men. The authors, from the University of Washington, Seattle, United States, write that the data support both inflammation and infection in the prostate… 

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