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Urology Emergencies for Rural Surgeons: Presented at the ARSI Conference at Kulu, November 2016

Unlike the other surgical specialties’ Urology does not have too many emergencies? Hence most of the Urologists do not plan for emergencies and the emergencies are left to the general…

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Transurethral Vaporization of the Prostate with Normal Saline: A Safe and Convenient Procedure for Rural Areas

Bladder outflow obstruction due to enlargement of the prostate is a common condition in men. TURP (Trans-Urethral Resection of the Prostate) is still the “gold standard” for treatment. It is an excellent procedure that has considerably reduced…

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Understanding the Value of PSA Testing for Prostate Cancer Detection [video]

Stanford urology experts explain what PSA or prostate specific antigen testing is used for and why it is important to maintain as part of detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer.

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Erectile dysfunction severity as a risk marker for cardiovascular disease hospitalisation and all-cause mortality

Erectile dysfunction is a common health problem that increases rapidly in prevalence with age. While erectile dysfunction can be a distressing symptom in itself, there is increasing recognition of its importance as a risk marker for potentially life-threatening cardiovascular disease (CVD) events and premature death.

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Circumcised men have less prostate cancer

Men who are circumcised before their first sexual intercourse have a lower risk of both less aggressive and more aggressive forms of prostate cancer compared with uncircumcised men. The authors, from the University of Washington, Seattle, United States, write that the data support both inflammation and infection in the prostate… 

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Antiviral therapy may not be enough to suppress genital herpes reactivation

Even high-dose antiherpetic therapy may not be enough to quell short bursts of subclinical genital herpes simplex virus (HSV) reactivation, which may account for the continued transmission of HSV despite suppressive antiviral therapy. Researchers from the University of Washington, Seattle, United States, conducted 3 separate but complementary open-label crossover studies… 

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5-alpha reductase inhibitor slows progression of low-risk prostate cancer tumors

Active surveillance added to treatment with the 5-alpha reductase inhibitor dutasteride slowed the progression of cancerous prostate tumors in men with low-risk localized disease, according to researchers from the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Key Point: Active surveillance in combination with dutasteride is a reasonable strategy for the treatment… 

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